Dr Roger Wang

Dr wang is also know as Roger by his client . He was graduated from Shanghai university of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) university in 2000. After five years hard Medical training he received bachelor of medicine. Then he worked three years in Shanghai jinshan district hospital, at the same time he completed a rehabilitation course from the CHINA REHABILITATION RESEARCH CENTRE in Beijing and fellowship study with five shanghai top TCM professors.

In the university, Roger was not only studying acupuncture and Chinese medicine but he also learned controversial medicine. He took a very high standard clinical training in the best hospital of Shanghai, like Shanghai Shuguan hospital and Shanghai Ruijin hospital which treat thousands patients a day.

During the fellowship studying with top professors, he gained huge experience to use Chinese medicine dealing all kind difficult medical cases, including; cancer post surgery and chemotherapy support, osteoporosis, out of control hypertension, chronic bronchitis and lower immune system disorder etc.

Dr Wang came into UK practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine at 2003, and based St Albans since 2008 , developing great skills and building a solid reputation in the areas of sport injury , arthritis, infertility, depression…etc. if you have any questions , just give a call on number 01727-858499 or pop in the yellow emperor clinic at 2 Waddington road, St Albans AL35EX